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7 Things Whose Purpose We Know So Little About

Tabs on the back of shoes

They several uses, the main one being more comfortable when putting on high-laced shoes. The tabs can also be used for extra lacing around the leg and also for drying the shoes by hanging them on a hook by the tab.

Tabs inside plastic bottle caps

They can be found in bottle covers of carbonate drinks and without them, the gases would simply evaporate.

The small hole in padlocks

The hole protects the lock from moisture ingress, the mechanism quickly rusts, so the hole doesn’t let liquid accumulate. The other use is, in winter the hole prevents the lock from freezing. You can also use it to pour drops of motor oil inside if the mechanism starts to stick.

Teeth and holes at the end of a tape measure

You can actually cope with measurements without any assistance if you hook the end of the tape measure to a nail or screw. The teeth will come in handy to immediately make a mark without having to look for a pencil.

Bumps on a keyboard

The bumps of the “F” and “J” keys acts as a little guidance for those using touch typing. They help people correctly place their figures on the keyboard without looking at it.

Special details on a stapler

This is the convenient function that most of us didn’t know. This platform on the bottom of a stapler, which bends the staples, can be turned 180 degrees and the ends of the staples will bend outside, not inside. It’s convenient if you want to fasten sheets temporarily.

Foam rubber or fur on microphones

Foams and fur covers aren’t used for decoration. They slow down the airflow so that outdoors no howling wind is heard in the microphone. With a professional recording in the studio, the protection helps to fade the “explosive” consonants in speech, which turn into sound strikes for the audience.

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