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Family In Agony After Kin’s Body Disappears in Mortuary

The family claimed to have seen the body just to discover that the body given to them had no place with their relative. They announced the case at Nanyuki Police Station with the hope of gaining equality.

It was at a similar station where they announced his passing since he hit the bucket at home. Samuel Lochakari Ekwal, the son of the deceased, revealed to the Nation that the medical clinic tried to make them cover the unacceptable body.

He added that the emergency clinic was not helpful in hunting their mother and that they had been advised to test for DNA. "We left the last place to rest, dress, and flowers at the funeral home after trying to lead us to collect an unacceptable body.

Since my mother's passing it has been my desire to give her the last respects. However, that desire has been rejected by medical management." Emergency clinic management has been taking us around and around. Advising us to pay for DNA is just an emergency clinic plan to deprive us of balance as we cannot control the cost of assistance, "Samuel said.

Mention of the body is sure to have a place with the family. The facts show that we are supervising the body in the morgue and that it has not been emphasized by anyone. Emphasizing that the body is different is the only thing that lies outside. "They make sure the body has no place with them, later the round of sudden private death is theirs to encourage DNA testing as an option.

In the event that you feel the body is not your mother's, lead DNA and I'm 100 sure that things are what they are their body , "Mugoi explained. The family says they have gone through a lot of passion because of the experiment. "We have endured enough suffering and our prayer is that we will find a suitable body. We are a family and we cannot all be saying that the body is not ours," the relative said. Margaret hit the bucket on January 7 because of the discomfort of mature age. The family continues to ask the welfare office to create a proper body for their relatives.

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Nanyuki Police Station Samuel Lochakari Ekwal


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