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Here Are Top 3 People Who Hold a Record of Tallest People in the World

Feel free to see top three people who hold a record of top tallest people in word.

1. EOLeonid Stepanovych Stadnyk

He was a Ukrainian man who claimed to have stood at 2.57 m which is equivalent to (8 ft 5 in), but his height claims have been questioned because he holds a record of tallest man in the world.

2. Vaino Myllyrinne

He was a Finnish acromegalic giant who was at one time the world's tallest living person with a height of 224 cm which is equivalent to (7 ft 4 inches).

3. Edouard Beaupre

He was a Canadian circus and freak show giant, wrestler, strongman, and star of Barnum and Bailey's circus.

He was one of the tallest men in recorded history, with a reported height of 2.51 m.

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Canadian Edouard Beaupre Finnish Ukrainian Vaino Myllyrinne


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