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Five Mistakes You Should Never Make Around Machakos Bust Station and Muthurua Market

Muthurua and Machakos are just a stone throw distance from one another. These two places are some of the busiest business places within Nairobi CBD and therefore also notorious for criminal expeditions. Here are five mistakes you should never make when in Muthurua or Machakos Bus Station.

1. Give Your Luggage to Any Bebabeba of Mkokoteni

If you are from the village using the Machakos Bus Stage PSVs or from purchasing bulky goods from Muthurua, it is usually advisable you go to a group of mikokoteni people then get one person to help you carry the goods or luggages. This will make it easy for you to trace them in case of any loses. One mistake you should never make, not only in Muthurua and Machakos Bus Stage, but also in any street within the CBD, is to pick up a random person or Mkokoteni man to help you carry your luggages, you may lost all your luggages. There is probability that you'll give your luggages to criminals disguised as Mkokoteni/bebabeba persons. The moment you give them your luggages, they'll rush ahead of you then disappear.

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2. Don't Joing Crowds

Whenever you walk around Muthurua or Machakos Bus Stage then you spot a crowd gathered somewhere around the two places, please don't join the crowds. It you do, be very careful. Some of the crowds, in fact most of them are stage managed to create platforms for crimes.

3. Don't Flaunt Your Possessions

Another crucial mistake that you should never make in Muthurua or Machakos Bus Stage is to try showing off your valuable items. You may not be literally showing them off , but carrying them in revealing pockets or bags. Try to avoid this to keep your belongings safe.

4.Never leave your packages to be looked after while checking on something.

Another mistake, that you should always try to avoid is to leave your packages for a stranger or even someone you've purchase from for the first time, to take care of it while you check on something else. There's probability that the package contents could be changes or you find your package missing and you won't blame anyone. Even the person you entrusted with the package would turn against you.

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5. Don't interfere with what doesn't affect you directly

For instance, if you meet people fighting, around the two places, please don't interfere unless you are sure you can manage the situation. Otherwise, wait until other onlookers decide to interfere, that's when your can help if need be.

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