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Be Very Careful When Purchasing Anything from These Streets Within Nairobi CBD

Counterfeits, fakes and illegal items are on the rise in Kenya, especially within Nairobi's Central Business District. Be very careful when buying anything from these three streets, or else, you'll carry home a counterfeit or cry latter after being blackmailed or conned.

1. Luthuli Avenue

Luthuli is a famous street, popularly known for all kind of electronics and communication devices. There are lots of genuine shops along Luthuli Avenue, so are the counterfeit dealers. When purchasing anything from Luthuli, make sure it is tested before you carry it home. Also be keen to ensure what has been tested is what you carry from the shop.

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2. River Road

River Road is adjacent to Luthuli Avenue and the dealings are almost the same. River Road has for long been known for housing silent criminals. Any time you purchase anything along Street River Road, be very careful. Make sure it is genuine before you make a step from or outside the shop.Also, never buy devices from strangers you meet along the pavements and roads. There are so many of them along River Road and everything they sell are fake, mostly phones and tablets. I suggest you never buy such, if you do make sure they are authentic before you leave the seller

3. Kirinyaga Road

Motorists looking for service and spare parts love Kirinyaga Road, because things are cheaper over there compared to other garages. But be very careful when servicing your vehicle along Kirinyaga Road. Be very watchful with the spare parts you purchase along the street. It is along Kirinyaga Road that you'll be sold for a Toyota Corolla engine branded Mercedes.

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Remember all these streets have very genuine dealers and being conned or sold for a counterfeit results from your own carelessness. So, be very careful not to fall a victim of a few rogue dealers along not only those three streets but also anywhere in Kenya. To make sure what you buy is authentic, and can be returned if faulty, make sure you always carry a receipt with from the shop, if possible with an ETR just for security.

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