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Three Reasons behind the Fights between the Police and the Common Citizens. “WANAINCHI VS POLICE"

For years now, there lived to be a great disagreement between the law enforcement officers and the common citizens. The police logo is “Utumishi kwa wote" something that every individual should be happy about. But most people would either run on seeing the police vehicle or turn to throw stones on them even without any reasonable cause. But Why is this?

Both the police and the common Citizens want to show off their prowess. This is one major reason for the fight. The police want to show that they are the law and no one should go against their will while citizens feel that they are always right and the police should not disturb them.

Education notion about the law enforcement officers is the second one. For a long time, police were known to be people who got low grades in their fourth form national exam. Therefore people were taking advantage of this to disrespect their orders, something that would easily start a fight between the two groups.

The last one is Political differences, during and after elections, you find the police fighting with the rowdy youth may be because of a politician incitement against the opponents.

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