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Kenyans Identify The Cheapest Towns to Live and Work in

Working and living in some counties, a good example in Nairobi, could be one of stressful things in life.

Imagine being paid ksh10,000 per month when the cost of your rental house is ksh 3500, that means you will have to sacrifice a lot to make ends meet.

Let say you pay ksh3500 for rent, you will be left with ksh6500 which is not enough considering that you need food, clothes, pay your electricity and water bills. Saving might also be a problem. Budgeting for that money can really be an uphill task. 

In this regards, considering the cost of living should be always be on your front burner when you want to move in a new town. 

Kenyans have shared their views after Vybez radio posted a question on the cheapest towns to live and work in Kenya. 

A section of social media users have alleged that life in Mombasa is a bit cheaper than other towns. This is undoubtedly true since you can find a double room house that goes for ksh 3000 per month. Also, when it comes to foods, the price is friendly.

Naivasha has also been listed among the best places to live and work in Kenya. In terms of rent, the region is garnished with cheap rental houses that are not only cost friendly but also decently constructed. 

Eldoret, as quoted by some, is another place to consider when you want to start a new life. The place is not populous when compared to Nairobi and other cities hence cheap to work and live in.

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