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Reduce Electricity Bill From Skyrocketing With This Simple Methods

Having a huge bill at the end of the month is quite frustrating when other things also need to be settled with the salary on the table. Therefore, one needs to employ some simple methods that will help to reduce the amount of money required to pay an electricity bill.

Follow these tips and you might just save a few cash on your monthly bill:


Set this task to be completed at least once a week. This will reduce the amount of electricity consumption.

Also, turn off the iron box for 5 minutes when you are almost done. Use the residual heat to complete ironing the remaining clothes.


Adjust the fridge temperature to between 3°C to 5.5°C as the incorrect figure will consume a lot of power.

Place appliances that emit heat away from the fridge as this will make the temperature increase that will need a lot of energy to cool the food inside.


Use cooking utensils with a flat bottom that ensure heat transfer is even and take less time to cook.


LED bulbs save power consumption up to 80% and are effective in the distribution of bright light compared to normal bulbs which give a lot of heat.

Practising these tips continuously without failure will bring positive results at the end of the month. Try them out and see for yourself.

Content created and supplied by: HelenMalkia (via Opera News )


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