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Mackenzie Woman's Son Narrates How He Sacrificed 6 Grandkids & 2 Great-grand kids In Shakahola Cult

The leader of a Christian cult in Kenya is to remain in police custody for another month, as the exhumation of bodies found in mass graves on his land continues. At least 130 have been discovered so far.

Today, a mother to one of the victims who were arrested for running Shakahola Cult business with Mackenzi has given her testimonials. She said that her son betrayed her, joined Mackenzi and carried all the children with him to fast.

Pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie has said he closed down his Good News International Church four years ago after nearly two decades of operation.

But the media has uncovered hundreds of his sermons still available online, some of which appear to have been recorded after this date.

The mother said she tried everything to change her son but he ignored. She is not regretting the son is in jail and her 6 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren can't be traced anymore.

What picture do they paint of a man whose followers have starved themselves to death?

She actually fears the son might have lured them into the fasting to death cult in Shakahola Forest.

She said in a passionate, raspy voice, Pastor Mackenzie delivers his sermons to large congregations in thrall to his apocalyptic themes.

"They thought those battles were ours against Mackenzie. Look what is happening now. My son is in custody, (and) I cannot find my daughter-in-law, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren," says a tearful Sidi.

These YouTube channels have thousands of subscribers and a Facebook page set up by his church links to many of the videos.

This is in deed so heartbreaking for a single family to lose such a large number of people to the fasting to death cult. This is a story that will take a lot to understand how it actually used to happen.

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