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Chuka University Girl Takes Her Own Life After Jumping from the Seventh-Floor Building

On Sunday evening, June 27th a student at Chuka University committed suicide after jumping from a seventh-floor building in the institution. The said building was identified as the University’s science complex in Tharaka Nithi County. The sorrowful incident occurred shortly after the lady argued with a claimed boyfriend. Witnesses of the occurrence stated that the lady was recently revealed to be expecting a baby and bitterly condemned the boyfriend for cheating.

It was out of that anger and depression when the girl made the terrible decision of taking her own life. Soon after the happening, Emergency service providers were called to the incident and rushed her to the hospital but unfortunately, it was too late to save her life.On arrival at the hospital, she was confirmed dead but the police and the institution were still to release a statement on the issue.

Mental health problem will remain a threat unless the Government and NGO’s takes a step to launch counseling services in high learning institutions to handle depression cases. In addition, such victims should always have a second thought, try to share their issues with friends, professional counselors, therapists rather than making ridiculous decisions. In every worse situation, there is always a way out no matter how complicated it is.      


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