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Road Accident

"Will This Be Possible?" Photo Of A Subaru Doing This Raises Questions Online

Many at times when our vehicles land into a ditch or stall in a bad road, the best we can do always is calling a towtruck that is meant to bring it into a better position. If the vehicle has had an accident or fault and needs to reach the mechanic, a tow truck is what is needed also to do the operation.

However, if the tow truck is unavailable one can use a fellow vehicle that could be of equal strength or more to pull it. A photo has been posted in a renown facebook group Sikika road safety and it is raising alot of questions online. In the photo, a small car which is a subaru is seen tied to a truck in attempt of pulling it from a stalled position.(Photo| courtesy)

Netizens upon seeing this then asked whether it is possible for the subaru to pull the truck out if its stalled position. Many people reacted to the posibility others saying that if it a subaru forester it is possible because it is a mini monster. Others said that if it is an automatic car it cannot. Others also said that the car might brake its engine in the attempt of pulling the truck. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

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