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'Mchele' Lady Robs a Man After a Night Of Making Merry At One Of Nairobi's Famous Joints

Avery Lounge, Utawala has registered a police complaint on behalf of one of their clients, against an evildoer. She drugged (Mchele) the client and stole the following items:

1. TV 65"

2. Mpesa 130,000

3. 50,000 from Equity Eazzy banking

4. Fridge

The famous night bar has called for all Kenyans who have any relevant information that would lead to her arrest to communicate in due course.

Lately, cases of men being robbed by these 'Mchele' ladies have been on the rise as they target some high-end bars in town.

According to some earlier reports, these ladies usually befriend unsuspecting men whom they easily lure with pleasure satisfaction only for them to rob them out.

Most of these incidents usually occur during the end month after many have received their payments.

Men have been cautioned against some of these ladies who pretend to be sitting alone in bars as many have some ill intentions.


@Lyab...It is good to be giving tips to the ladies who serve you, there is a time I went to a club to kill time so that the traffic jam would clear before I go home.

Immediately I had ordered I was joined by two well-dressed decent ladies who introduced themselves alafu wakaweka vibeti kubwa kwa meza kama curtain so that nobody sees what's going on.

Nilimaliza chupa ya kwanza when I ordered the second the lady who was serving me whispered politely in my ears enda kwa counter.

I immediately noted the red flags. Thanks, Suzy.

@Valerie... There are women in this world that have guts! Hawaogopi ngumi za wanaume aki when they conceive such criminal plots? Suppose upatwe in the act? Heh!

@Beth... Msichana ujaingia na yeye kwa club wachana na yeye,some guys have good intentions buying women drinks but some women are on a mission, same as some men are on a mission, this is very sad kabisa, may she be found her days are numbered

@Jeff Onyango... The fact that people are laughing about these shows how much we've normalized this nonsense.

It's all OK until it happens to someone you know. When your son or daughter gets drugged and ra_ped or murdered is when you'll understand.

Some people have been left with permanent brain damage because the culprit put in too much "Mchele" .

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Equity Eazzy Fridge Mchele' Lady Mpesa Utawala


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