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Good News As Police Officers Recover Cows Which Were Stolen In Laikipia County

The national police service has today announced that they have recovered two cows which were stolen by thugs in Laikipia county. This has come when the two cows we're stolen by thugs who are still destroying people's properties across he region.

According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, the police officers are still doing Investigation in the region so that to arrest those people who are stealing properties of their neighbors. On the post which was shared, the national police service said that the cows were recovered from theme who were feeding them in their compound. They continued by saying that the two manged to escape to the bush where the police didn't mange to arrest them. The two cows have already been returned to the owner by the police officers.

The ministry of interior has now warned those who are still engaging in such activities to stop or the rule of law will follow them. All kenyans are urged to report any bad incident that happens in their region to police station. Remember to wear mask and maintain social distance.

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