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"I Sell My Body At Ksh 50 Only And Most Men Don't Use Protection" Lady Narrates Her Life Struggles

Rhodan Syokau, a mother of 4 kids shares her sad story that will move you into tears.

She narrates how she left home due to poverty at the age of 13 and got married to a 60 year old man. Thinking that it was the end of her problems, she was surprised it was not after realizing the kind of a man he got married to.

Rhodan tells on how his old husband turned up to be a psychopath. He was alcoholic, smoked cigarettes and bhang and even drunk his own urine. He could urinate on a cup, drink it and sometimes even give it to their two kids. More to that, he could not satisfy her in bed as he used to stimulate himself and release on her thighs.

Things got worse and she had no choice rather than leave him. With no man and job to help her feed the kids, she started selling her body. But the amount of pay she receives from this is so little. She says that men usually pay her between 50 and 100 shillings and with most of them not wanting to use protection.

Asked on whether she fears to get infected with STI's, she claims that most of the men insist and she is left with no choice since she has to go home with food. It is really sad listening to her story and realizing for sure people go through a lot out there than we can imagine.

Below is the link to the Rhodan's Syokau story;

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Rhodan Syokau


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