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Best Pick-up Lines To Tell Your Crash

Love is one beautiful feeling God gifted us with but unfortunately expressing the love to whoever your heart desires might be a challenge.

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Nevertheless, don't allow the burning fire go off as below are the best pick-up lines that if you apply, your crash would see the sence out of it.

(1). Sorry was I staring at you ? I just can't get enough of your cuteness;

The above line would definitely leave your crash in a mixed up situation as he/she will end up feeling appreciated.

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(2).Hallo! I just want you to know you always make me feel like an idiot wherever your nearby me;

The moment one realises he/she can make somebody else confused and at ease, definitely one would see how much he/she might be of importance to that other person. Expect a win-win result.

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(3).You make me want to be a better person;

When your crash notices how you cherish him/her in your life to an extend of changing for his/her sake , definitely it would be a win ticket as everyone want to be prioritized and feel appreciated.

(4).It hurts me soo much when I see you sad;

That particular time of life you feel so low and broken then someone else comes in and says he/she is more sad than you because of your own personal sadness that he/she might not even be aware of the depth of your situations. A hug is what you'll get without a shed of dought.

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All those 4 lines would definitely not fail you in your crash-win battle, you'll emerge a winner. What's your opinion over this lines?

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