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Nairobi Most Feared Killer Police Who Dressed Like Maasai, Maize Seller Or A Woman On Undercover

There has been a national outcry over runaway crime in Nairobi and other major towns. Cases of insecurity are being reported and vividly increasing day by day. Notorious thugs are literary unleashing terror even in broad daylight. Ironically, the wave of lawlessness and increased insecurities are coming in the wake of the disbandment of the Special Services. Apparently, let focus on a famous crime buster who many notorious criminal thugs feared in Nairobi.

To criminals, the mention of him being in the vicinity sent young adult males scampering for safety but to the residents of Kawangware and Dandora, he was Godsend due to his proven records of tackling notorious thugs head on. Sam Ogero, also known as Mkisii, used to go undercover frequently in his pursuit of notorious thugs who were serial killers. According to Standard, Sam dressed often like a Maasai, a roast maize seller, a hawker or matatu tout or even a lady to avoid being noticed when under cover.

At times, he would occasionally pretend to be a maize vendor and sell to residents in his mission to trap thugs who loved to purchase roasted corn. This undercover tactics were so successful and he trapped many offenders. If he identified a suspected criminal, he'd warn their parents and even offer them fair to go to upcountry so that they can try other valuable economic activities. If he came across warned criminals, it would not be business as usual and he often killed daring notorious thugs in Nairobi.

At on point, notorious thugs killed a motorist in a mistaken identity mission where they thought they had seen Sam. They faked a crime and called him wanting to end his life. Thugs waited for him but killed someone else who looked like him before fleeing. Sam Ogero had to relocate his workplace for his own safety. Source, Standard.

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