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New Twist Into The Death Of The Nyamira Headteacher As New Possible Motive for murder Emerge

It is now becoming clear that the assassins of the dead Nyamira teacher, Ezekiel Gitangwa, not only killed him but also looted him.

According to cellphone data obtained by County Criminal Investigations Officer Peter Kiboro, who claimed that money was taken out of his mobile wallet just before he passed away, this is the case.

He told the journalists that the late man's lover had overdrawn the account and sent the money to the unknowing Kenyans.

"We have ascertained some withdrawals were made using his mobile phone line. The suspect said he had an overdraft and wanted to withdraw the money using somebody else’s phone," he said

The alleged murderers reportedly subsequently gave a portion of the money in exchange for going to withdraw the money on their behalf, and a boda boda rider was later detained by police.

According to the detectives, a particular woman had also been asked to withdraw an undisclosed sum, which she then gave to the primary suspects.

The woman told police that the suspect and her boyfriend, an officer with the National Youth Service (NYS), went out and wasted the money on excessive drinking.

Not only that, according to the police, but the suspect and the murdered Gitangwa had engaged in mobile money transactions days prior to the latter's passing.

According to the county criminal officer, they even received court orders to investigate the deceased's bank accounts to determine whether the teacher's killers also emptied them.

After all of this, the police have a new explanation as to why the deceased headteacher may have been murdered, with the new information pointing towards a transaction gone wrong rather than the initially proposed love triangle theory.

In body bags, the Nyamira teacher was discovered dead inside the suspect's residence.

Witnesses who had spoken to the suspect at the scene claim that she dispelled any doubts after hearing the victim's cries for help.

They continued by asserting that she had stated that some of the guests she had invited for a New Year's party were responsible for the noise.

Content created and supplied by: Gee Mwaniki (via Opera News )

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