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'Very Painful' - What Was Found on The Body of Christine Ambani After Postmortem Was Done

Christine Ambani died a very painful death according to the postmortem result that was released today. The 23-year-old Kiriri Women’s University student met her death on Monday, July 12, in a hotel room in Githurai 45.

According to Standard Media, Ms Ambani was stabbed in the neck and the chest in a very brutal manner. The spearing was so severe that the knife ruptured and exited through the front part of the neck.

The postmortem further indicated that she died from excessive blood loss as a result of the stabbing she received. She also went through assault before the perpetrators killed her.

A friend of Ms Ambani who spoke on the condition of being anonymous said that the Third-Year Bachelor of Procurement and Supplies Management student was to meet her ex-boyfriend before sitting for her exams at around 2 pm.

However, when the time came for her to pick her stationery and head to the exam room came, she was nowhere to be seen. Her friend kept communicating with her our she describes her response as somehow bizarre.

At 7.30 pm she ceased sending messages and that's when her phone became unreachable. What happened thereafter remains subject to investigation.

Police are already questioning hotel staff including the security while piecing together information that could lead to the arrest of suspects in the heinous act.

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