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Right or Wrong: Man Swallows Condom To Destroy Evidence After He Was Caught Defiling Daughter

It is a mad world where fathers prey on their daughters. They view them as sexual objects rather than gifts from the almighty.

Innocent kids are left to pay the price of the randy nature of their dads. They mature before their time is ripe thanks to the psychological and emotional pain inflicted by those they trusted the most.

Another narration of parenthood gone sour. Unpleasant story characterized by human defiance of socially acceptable norms and morally coded modes of conduct.

Police in Embu have this evening raided a home and pounced on a man who was caught red-handedly defiling his 10 year old daughter.

The daring paedophile allegedly swallowed used condoms to obfuscate evidence.

Screenshot from Twitter

Reputed crime, security, investigations, justice and legal affairs jounalist Chris Sambu has revealed through his twitter feeds.

Details on his detention and arraignment in court are yet to be unveiled.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is taboo and against the ethical African Traditional code of conduct for a father to sexualize his daughter.

The latter has breached the Kenyan Constitution inaugurated in 2010 by going against the children protection act.

He has also barred officers from their responsibility by allegedly distorting evidence.

What do you think should be the charges pressed against the man?

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