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What GK, CD, GVN, KX, CJ Number Plates Represents And Who Is Supposed To Use Them

A number plate also known as vehicle registration plate is licensed plate attached to a motorcycles and vehicles for official identification purposes. For instance Kenyan vehicles has number plates that starts with letter 'K' which means Kenya and has two colors namely a white plate attached in front of the car and a yellow plate attached at the back of the with both plates having black letters. All number plates in Kenya that starts with K eg KAA are used by common mwanchi.

Below are some number plates and what they represent and who is supposed to use them.

1.CD, UN KX Number Plates.

These number plates represent International Diplomatic in Kenya. They are usually red and blue in color and had K which symbolize the Embassy in Kenya.

2.GK Number Plate.

Government of Kenya also known as GK number plate is used by the government of Kenya only. Officials like the president, cabinet secretaries, government hospitals and other government organizations use vehicles with GK number plates.

3.GVN Number Plate.

This number plate is attached to vehicles belonging to all the 47 governors of Kenya.

4.CJ Number Plate.

CJ number plate means Chief Justice. The number plate is attached to the Chief Justice' vehicle.

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