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"Forget Kideros Grass" -New Look Of The Ongoing Beautification Of The Nairobi Express Way

During the time of Dr. Kidero, the 1st and ex-Governor of Nairobi County, he championed the beautification of the streets of Nairobi and roads leading to the city by planting flowers and beautiful grass that could make the city attractive. Some flowers were planted along Mombada Road, Ngong Road, Uhuru Highway etc. Later, when the Second Governor Michael Mbuvi Sonko took office, he also continued with the Kidero's efforts of beautifying the city.

The commencement of the construction of the Nairobi Express Way however left their efforts hanging after some flowers and grasses that had already been planted along the roads like the Mombasa Road got interrupted and from our current look, many have dried up and no where to be seen.

To return the glory of the Nairobi's beauty, the Nairobi Express Way is seen to follow the strides of Kidero and Sonko by making the city look interesting as flowers are seen while in the process of being grown as the road nears it's completion.

From the pictures taken, the Express Way looks more smarter with the grass under it compared to when the ground is bare.

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