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Divorce Affair

I Cheated On My Wife With Mama Fua, She Was Too Lazy In All Areas After She Gave Birth: Man Confesses

A man by the name victor has confessed that he sleep with mama fua he said that after his wife gave birth she became very lazy in all areas.

According to victor he says that his wife was very neat but after she gave birth to their first born she became very lazy that she couldn't cook or do all house chores.

He decided to employee a house girl who will come in the morning and do all the house chores because he didn't like how the wife was keeping the house untidy.

After two months his wife by the name Olivia decided to go back to work and she used to leave the kid with their house help and that when victor saw how the house help used to keep the house tidy and also take care of the baby and he started liking her.

So on this day he and his wife woke up as usual prepared to go to work but on their way victor told her that he had forgotten his keys and had to go back to pick them but in real sense he knew he was going to sleep with their house help.

Olivia say that she suspected that everything was not okey and so she decided to go back home and that when she busted on them on their matrimonial bed in the act,she say that she cried a lot and packed his belonging and left.

It has being an year since she left and victor has not being able to see his son and was requesting Olivia to forgave him and go back home so that they can stay as one family.

Olivia claims that she will never forgive him and she is happy as a single mother and doesn't need his help to take care of thier son because for the past one year he has being taking care of him alone.


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