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Be Careful with Who You Lend Your Phone in Nairobi Here is a New Trick by Thugs Targeting Phones

What do you do when a stranger approaches you to lend them your phone, so they can make a call? The reasons are usually because they are lost and want to be picked up, they have lost their phones or their phones have run out of charge. I don't know what you'll decide in such cases considering how some cases look genuine. However, you should be very very careful with your decision. There are people who have lost their phones in such cases, trusting a stranger who seems to genuinely need help only to find yourself trapped and in a lifetime regret. So, what happens?

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Thugs, especially within Nairobi CBD and middle class estates have come up with a trend, where they request a phone to make a call then keep the phone for themselves. Instead of giving back the phone to the owner, they turn against them, pretending to have no idea of the phones being talked about. They become hostile and even ready to open up a fight with phone owners. This is a very daring move by the thugs.

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There is also a trend where after you've lent a phone to a stranger they return it to you then immediately claim they have lost their phones. The thug then requests a fellow thug also pretending to be a pedestrian to help them make a call if they can recover their phone. And because the legitimate phone owner had lent them his/her phone and they probably have his/her number, they'd flash the number then claim the phone they had lent. The phone owner would instead have his or her phone forcefully taken from them and even be mobbed up for false allegation of stealing a phone. Just that way, imagine the good Samaritan would lose their phones and be wrapped up in the process.

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In one of my articles, I had mentioned how rose in criminal and fraudulent cases in Nairobi has disadvantaged those who genuinely need help. Today if someone request for your phone to make a call, it would be difficult to give it to them no matter how genuine their cases sound. So, be very careful whom you give a helping hand. Please share this information widely.

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