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Road Accident

"Good-bye My Love" Woman Says After Attending Her Husband's Funeral In Her Hospital Bed

A somber mood engulfed the village of Bomet after a woman is reported to have attended his late husband’s funeral in a hospital bed a few days after they were both involved in a tragic accident that killed the man on the spot.

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In a report that was shared by a reliable source on Facebook, it has been reported that the woman along with her husband were heading to an unknown location before they were involved in a tragic accident.

Sadly, the man is said to have succumbed to the injuries he sustained in the accident on the spot. However, the woman who survived the accident was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was immediately taken to the ICU in a critical condition.

However, a few days after the accident, the woman is reported to have asked the doctors to let her attend her husband’s funeral . The hospital who wanted to fulfil the woman’s wish took her to her husband’s funeral to see him for the last time.

The deceased was buried yesterday in the presence of his family members along with several villagers who attended. Reacting to this, Kenyans who expressed their opinions on the matter urged her to stay strong for her children.


Tears filled the air in Bomet after a woman decided to attend her husband’s funeral a free days after he succumbed to the injuries that he sustained in an accident. The woman and her husband were involved in a deadly accident after which her husband died leaving her the ICU. She later attended her husband’s funeral in an ambulance to say her goodbye.

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