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Nairobi's Neighbourhoods with the Lowest Fare Rates to and From Town

If you are living in Nairobi and it's environs and you've considered minimising your transport cost to save more, then consider moving to one of these five neighbourhoods;


This was so obvious. Everyone knows Githurai public transport vehicles for having the lowest fare charges in town. Githurai being along Thika Super Highway and straightforward, makes it easily accessible by Matatus hence the low fare rates. Additionally, if you stay in Githurai, be sure to also save more, because generally most basic needs are cheaper as compared to many other estate, that is rentals and food.

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2. Huruma

Huruma is also another estate with some of the cheapest fare rates. Unlike other neighbourhoods whose vehicles charge up to 150 shillings during peak hours, vehicles to Huruma rarely go past 50 shillings to and from Nairobi Central Business District.

3. Mathare

All Mathares, Mathare North, Area 4, Number 10 etc have very low fare rates. Mathare is just adjacent to Huruma, residents therefore have many options to get to and from town, maybe except for those living in Mathare North. They have to use Mano Sacco vehicles which are not that expensive either. In fact they are still the cheapest scaco in Nairobi.

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4. Industrial Area and it's Surruonding Estates

Though many vehicles to Industrial area are very worn out, the route has some of the lowest fare rates in Nairobi. These include vehicles to Lunga Lunga, up to Donholm, they rarely go past 50 shillings in fare, not unless it the traffic is obviously inevitable.

5. Kibera

Kibera is also another route with the lowest after rates. The vehicles rarely go past 70 during peak hours.

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Most of the routes that I've mentioned leads to some of Nairobi's popular low class residences. This implies that life in these residences isn't so expensive, and if you can survive in these residences, then I'd advise you to move, you'll significantly reduce your cost of living.

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