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"My Best Friend Accused me of Sleeping With my Daughter's Hubby, She Led me in Jail" Woman Claims

Jacinta Wanjiku is a 62-year-old woman who has been in jail for almost an year after her best friend accused her of sleeping with her daughter's husband and after trying to have a word with her, she was accused of brutally beating her up.

According to Jacinta, she was introduced to the woman by one of her daughters. She hosted her for two months and went ahead and looked a job for her.

After few months of living in the same area with her best friend, she started spreading rumours that Jacinta had been sleeping with her daughter's husband something that angered her.

Jacinta decided to inform her daughter and they planned on questioning the friend on the rumours she had been spreading around the village.

On this particular day when Jacinta was arrested, she took her daughter and a neighbour with her to the best friend's house so that she can have a word with her.

On seeing them, Jacinta's best friend ran away but unfortunately she slipped and fell down. She got injured on her forehead and her leg.

Jacinta never bothered to even get closer to her but she made sure that the neighbours rushed her to the hospital.

Minutes later, Jacinta was arrested after her best friend accused her of brutally beating her up and leaving her with injuries.

After the court hearing Jacinta was jailed but she claims that she has never questioned God for her arrest because she has managed to change many lives in the jail through preaching.

She has also urged people planning to committing crimes to avoid because being in jail is the worst thing one can ever experience.


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