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The Sinful Nature Of People Of Kondele In Kisumu Exposed

Welcome to Kondele, the most densely populated subcounty in Kisumu County. It is said that Kondele is the most productive district in Anyang'o's county. Nevertheless, its fame does not come only from the great market potential but also from the numberless of prostitutes in the town. Astonishingly, the s3eual workers go for as low as Sh20 and others offer their services on credit. In this article, I'll be giving you a clear picture of the sinful nature of the people of Kondele in Kisumu. 1. Child Abuse.

A good number of the s3eual workers in Kondele are underage girls as young as 14 and 15years. It is said that these young girls have been lure in to this dirty business by the owners of broth3ls and old s3eual workers. The girls poor status forces them too to get into such an evil business. Shockingly, even school girls engage in prostitution during the holidays hence others drop out of school.

2. Services on credit allowed.

Some of the s3eual workers give their services on credit to their trusted clients. They expect to be paid on the agreed date or at the end of the month. 3. S3x in exchange of fish.

Sadly, the ladies who can't manage fishing and don't have money to buy fish for their small businesses, they offer their bodies in exchange of fish.

4. Between the Trucks.

Shamelessly, some of the s3eual workers and their clients have the affairs between lorries in broad daylight. This because they can't afford a room at the restaurants.

5. No protection.

In spite the fact that there are high chances of been infected with diseases, some of the men forgo protection. They say that they can't pay double price.

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