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"I was Introduced Into Prostitution at the Age of 13 and I used to Serve Four Men per day" Gladys.

Indeed people have sad and shocking personal life stories, is just that they lack a platform to tell the story and others fear of being judged by friends. A 23 years girl by the name Gladys, came out openly on RealTalk show that is hosted by Tamima on switch tv, and explained how prostitution nearly killed her.

Glady's said that life hardships and bad company, made her drop out of school while in class 3.She started started using drugs and smoking weed at a young age of 10 years. Her grandmother tried to advise her but it was like Glady's, had already made a decision to be a bad girl. At the age of 13 years, she decided to upgrade and joined the prostitution industry. She was working under a certain woman, who owned something like a brothel in Mathare.

Glady's said that the woman forced her together with the team to sleep with atleast four men per day so that they can make a good amount of money. They were doing unprotected intercourse so that the payments can be handsome. What they didn't know is that this was posing them at the danger of contracting STDS.

Glady's went on and said that the business was doing well untill when her best friend contracted and Died of HIV and AIDs. This is when she came to know that HIV exist. So she started to use protection and advanced more to becoming a town prostitute. In the process she contracted STI. This made her to go for treatment and she changed her location to Dandora and by that time she was already pregnant, and she didn't know the father of the child because she had slept with many men.

At Dandora, her life begun to change after coming in conduct with ladies like her who used to hustle at the dumpsite by selling scrape metals and earning a living from it. Gladys then Joined them and she had an advantage because she knew how to plait hair, so she used to plait their hair, and slowly by slowly she became a pro and now she owns her own salon.

She officially left the streets and started making legal money via the job of her hands, and God has blessed her with a good hearted man, who is taking care of her and her child and they are living a very happy life as a family. Here is the Link to the Full Video.

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