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Top 5 Most Luxurious Prisons in the world

Some prisons can be better than our own current living situations. Below are some of the most luxurious prisons in the world and the amenities and benefits that go along with them.

1.) Her Majesty's Prison

This prison located in Scotland is not just your average prison. The exterior looks like a normal business building. Within its walls are modernized and streamlined architecture. Its cells are more like a comfortable hospital room than a grimy cell, with good furniture for the inmates.

2.) Bastoy Prison ( Norway)

This was a former prison colony for young boys that features such luxurious amenities as wooden cottages instead of prison cells, farms to work on and learn horticulture. In their spare time, inmates can go horseback riding, go fishing, play tennis or even go cross-country skiing if they wish. While this may seem a bit outlandish, statistics report that offenders who end up being discharged from this island end up returning to jail only 16% of the time as compared to the overall 70% rate in other facilities.

3.) Halden Prison (Norway)

This maximum security prison in Norway goes out of its way to focus on rehabilitation so much that its main goal is to simulate life outside of its walls. The staff here is completely unarmed. The interiors are painted with murals and decor that differentiate between the living space, working areas and educational spaces. There is a full fledged recording studio and every cell has its own shower, a flat screen television and unbarred windows. Inmates also enjoy sports, access to personal trainers, music, videogames and private visits.

4.) Leoben Justice Center

This prison in Austria doesn't have steel or concrete walls. Not only do inmates get their own private cells, but each cells also comes stocked with a full kitchenette, floor to ceiling windows, private baths and balconies for spectacular views. Some rooms even feature leather chairs and couches.

5.) Cordillera jail (Santiago , Chile)

Although this prison was closed, it was once a peaceful retreat for military criminals that featured tennis courts, five-star meals, luxurious pools, barbecue pits and more. Cells contained lavish leather further and inmates had personal assistants and maids.

It is important to note that some of these prisons may have been closed. Which one fascinated you the most? Comment below and share the article to help us reach more people.

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