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Why Number Plates Have Yellow and White Backgrounds

Have you ever wondered why motor vehicle number plates have black writings on Yellow and white backgrounds? Here are the reasons, and why the white number plate is usually in front of the vehicle while the yellow one at the back.

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First and foremost, we all are aware that the central role of number plates is to allow easy and clear identification of vehicles and other forms of locomotives, which is also the main reason why number plates are mandatory for all motors.

About the colours

According to experts, the easiest combination of colours to read is black writing on a white back ground or vice versa. The second easiest combination is black writings on a yellow background. This also explains why schools either use blackboards or white boards and the most commonly used writing materials are ether white or black in Colour respectively. So, for the number plates case, black on white in front and black on yellow at the back is for easy visibility and readability.

But the next question that pops up is, why white in front and yellow at the rare? The reason is simple, to allow distinction between vehicles moving away and those moving towards, the vehicle at the back. This distinction allows drivers at the back to easily predict the next move of a vehicle in front and make decisions. Experts have also ascertained that number plate backgrounds are made of reflective materials to allow easy visibility during the nights. For this reason, vehicles are not allowed to have white lights at the back because the reflection may distract the driver at the back who has a white number plate in front of their vehicles. The yellow background is not reflected as much as the white background, that's why it's recommended at the rear.

There are however special cases when vehicles are allowed to have number plates with other colours, mostly for VIP identification cases. For instance special envoys and international organizations. For other drivers and car owners, yellow and white number plates are mandatory by law. This law not only works in Kenya but also in the Europe and other major countries.

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