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Road Accident

Guardian Bus Full of Passengers Bursts into Flames After Developing Tyre Burst on Way to Kisumu

Accidents on the Kenyan highways have been on the rise in the recent past with the government unsure of what to do in order to mitigate this scourge that has seemed to envelop our nation in the past few months.

Picture courtesy. Image of the Guardian Bus in flames earlier on this morning.

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority, about 1300 people have lost their lives on the roads since January and this is attributed to recklessness on the part of drivers or non compliance to traffic regulations by the motorists.

Passenger vehicles like Matatus have been at the forefront of these accidents with the government urging caution at all times.

This morning, according to reliable reports from the Nairobi to Kisumu Highway, there has been a nasty accident involving a Guardian Bus that was full of passengers.

As per the reports that we have with us at the moment, the bus was headed to Kisumu when it developed a tyre burst.

It's still uncertain as to how the tyre burst caused a huge inferno that has seen the vehicle burn in the middle of the highway this morning.

No passengers have been injured or fataly wounded in the accident that happened earlier on this morning.

However, all the luggage that the passengers had has been consumed in the inferno that was not able to be contained on time.

Motorists are advised to be extra careful as they approach this scene to avoid any further mishaps on the roads.


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