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What Sabina Chege Did To Muranga Residents Today, That Expresses Her Caring And Loving Character

Muranga county women representative Sabina Chege has been taking part in various programs within Muranga, aiming at assisting the public in both social and economic sectors.However the elderly people from an area within Muranga county have a reason to celebrate as Sabina Chege offers them various gifts.In addition it is a program that was carried out with collaboration with other other agencies.It is a program that has impressed many people especially the elderly as they praise and thank Sabina for her kind act.In addition individuals have also raised their views regarding this operation and congratulated the women representative for her Christmas gift.Indeed various politicians have been visiting various people including the needy to offer their gifts prior to the festive season.Moreover the government should collaborate with non-governmental organizations, to provide necessary support to the elderly and other needy people.This is through provisions of basic needs siluch as food alongside other essentials.

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Muranga Sabina Chege


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