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'My Accomplices Dropped Civilian Clothes For Me At The Fence '-Convict Reveals How He Escaped Prison

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An ex Convict by the name of Emmanuel has opened up on how he was able to escape from a highly guarded prison after two months of observing the prison warders' routine. 

He had already served six months out of his one-year sentence but the terrible condition in the prison made it unbearable for him to spend one more night in the prison buildings. Through the help of some friendly guards, He hatched a plan to escape from the facility.

"I'd been assigned to the prison farm. We would go to the farm every morning, break for lunch and return in the afternoon, I discovered there was no prison fence on that side of the farm. We had also earned the trust of the warders. They would give us their phones to talk to people outside prison." he told a local daily

After weeks of planning, his accomplices identified a corner at the farm where they were to drop for him civilian clothes which he was to use to escape. 

"I went straight to the spot on the day of the escape and found the clothes. I waited for everyone to get busy, changed clothes, and briskly walked across the road. A vehicle was waiting for just meters away. I calmly got in and secured my freedom," he recalled.

He traversed many counties and eventually crossed to a neighboring country. Emmanuel has never been rearrested for several years now. 

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