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Prepare For Heavy Rains in The Next Five Days if You Live in The Mentioned Counties

Rains still continue to be received over several places in the month of October which has been advantageous to farmers, though have disrupted some businesses like transportation. However some places are still set to experience sunny intervals within the month.

The availability of timely and accessible Meteorological and climatological information has been vital to organisations and individuals. The information has helped in life saving, utilisation of natural resources and conservation of the environment.

The Kenya Meteorological Department in accordance with the World Meteorological Organisation has always made the information available through the development of efficient telecommunication systems that allows rapid collection and dissemination of the information.

The KMD has issued through their website the changes that are likely to occur in the weather patterns in the next five days valid from 9th today to 13th October.

Rainfall is expected to continue over several parts of the Highlands West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basina and the Central and South Rift Valley. Isolated storms are expected over some areas.

The rest of the country is likely to be generally sunny and dry though occasional showers may occur over few areas in the Highlands East of the Rift Valley.

Strong southerly to south-easterly winds with speeds exceeding 25 knots (12.9 m/s) are expected over some parts of the South-eastern lowlands, the Coast, North-western and North-eastern Kenya.


The Lake Victoria Basin and the Highlands West of the Rift Valley and the Central and South Rift Valley Regions are likely to experience light rains over few places in the morning. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are expected over several places and a possibility of evening showers over few places.

North Western Region. The days are expected to be sunny and nights partly cloudy, however, occasional morning and night showers are likely to occur over few places.

South Eastern Lowlands and the North Eastern Regions are likely to remain generally dry with partly cloudy conditions at night.

The Highlands East of the Rift Valley Regions including Nairobi County. Sunny intervals expected in the morning, afternoon showers likely to occur over few places and nights to be partly cloudy with occasional rains over few places.

The Coastal Regions are likely to be sunny, however, occasional morning and night showers are expected over few places during the period.


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