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Chaotic Scene Witnessed At The Nakuru CBD After A Street Child Is Beaten

I/CA sad and chaotic scene has been witnessed in Nakuru CBD area after one of the street boys who roam got beaten up to the state of bleeding and being rushed to the Nakuru provincial general hospital.

The incident that has happened at 7:00 pm, saw his fellow family as they call themselves angered and hailing threatening words. It is not yet clear what provoked the incident but sources say that it has been sparked by an argument raised.

The group which has been taking over various stages left empty due to the return of normally in the county have been having differences all being blamed on leadership from the various persons among them who rule the rest.

The victim is in hospital in the meantime with a group that accompanied him and authorities have not yet been involved in the matter, since it is at night, we are awaiting to hear more reports in the morning.

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