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Reopening Of The Country Does Not Mean Kenyans Start Doing The Following Mistakes.

Today on 1st May 2021, kenyans have celebrated labour day in another style after the head of the nation eased some restrictions in the country. He lifted the lockdown in the five counties and pushed curfew hours to start from 10pm to 4am in the morning.

Kenyans especially those in the counties that had been under total lockdown have reacted positively on the decision made by the president. They have shown alot of appreciation to him.

But again basing on the decision made by the president should not be taken as a through pass to the following silly mistakes.

1. Ignoring of Covid-19 protocols.

Kenyans should know that corona virus has not ended. They still have a long way to go and it demands their effort to continue fighting the pandemic. They are supposed to adhere to the Covid-19 protocols which includes proper sanitation, wearing of face mask properly and keeping social distance.

2. Failure to observe curfew hours.

Am sure today after the address some people declared to utilise the available time in restaurants after the president reopened them but under conditions. Allowing kenyans to live freely may lead to another problem therefore, whoever will be found going against the law will be responsible for the outcome.

3. Organising for meetings without keeping in mind Covid-19 needs.

Reopening of the country does not mean that now people can start forming groups to discuss about politics or any other form discussions without considering the needs of Covid-19.

Remember the last statement that the president made it clearly, "The opposite is also possible..." this means that if citizens will start behaving in unusual manner and allow the positivity rate to rise then there will be no otherwise but go back to tough restrictions. Kindly share this information.

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