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Road Accident

17 Photos From River Enziu From The Time of Accident Up to The Time of Retrieving The Bus

More than 24 hours after the the accident at River Enziu occured, rescue mission has been contacted to retrieve the dead bodies and also the bus itself. The exercise has been done courtesy of different groups of people who joined hands to ensure that they retrieve the remans of the bus and also those who had stuck inside the bus.

Huge machinery including excavators probably from the County government of Kitu were deployed to retrieve bus. The activity which took alot if time finally bear fruits after the bus was successfully retrieved by the team. The onlookers continued to cheer the excavators until the bus was fully out of the water and placed by the side of the river bank.

After the exercise, it could be seen that water level had subsided and the sand could be seen covering the place where the bus fell. The most notable things is how the road was not in good condition.

Kenyans now believe that the driver probably hit a pothole and on the road which made to the bus to swing and hence loosing it balance resulting to it falling inside the river. The road is extremely damaged and people were directing their blame towards the government. They claim that if the County government of Kitui was very serious with its people's welfare they could have constructed the bridge long time ago.

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