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Syndicate Drugging Baroness Finally Nabbed By DCI

The notorious leader of a drink spiking syndicate has finally been arrested by the DCI.

Irene Njoki Irungu was arrested by DCI Kiambaa on suspicion of spiking unsuspecting victims drinks with intention of malice.

She would go to local pubs in Kiambu and Ruaka where she and her accomplice, Peter Irungu would indulge in the art of "kuweka mchele" before robbing the victim.

She would find the ussuspecting person at the local watering hole where she would then convince the same to take her home for, perhaps, a romp. The victim would reach home only to be overwhelmed by the drug and consequently be knocked out cold.

While at work, she uses the name Mitchelle which is supposed to be a cover up protecting her identity. Mitchelle would then go ahead to rob the victim of everything she can including beddings and kitchenware.

The drug is said to knock one out for over 10hours. This gives them enough time to escape with the loot since by the timethe victimcomesto, Mitchelleand her accomplice will have vanished long ago.

After reports from neighbours making the same complaint and giving the same description of Michelle, the DCI promptly pounced on the suspects and recovered a number of sim cards as well as mobile phones used during the commission of the crimes.

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