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'Hangeua Watoto Wake, Aliwapenda Sana' Family Of Nakuru Doctor Denies Kin's Kids Killing Allegations


The family of the doctor whose children were discovered dead in their Nakuru house has refuted police charges that he murdered the children before attempting suicide. Dr. James Gakara's five-year-old son, Dylan, and three-year-old daughter, Karuana, were discovered dead inside their Milimani apartment on Saturday night while their father remained comatose.

Mary Gakara, the doctor's sister, claimed on Monday that the family suspected foul play in the inquiry and that the first responders' reports did not line up. "I am quite familiar with my brother. He would go to any length to safeguard his children. He's also not the type of person who would do something like this," she told the Nation. "He adores his family, and we've never heard anything negative about my brother and his wife. They've always been content."

The bereaved sister said she learned of her nieces and nephews' deaths through the media and was startled. Preliminary investigations revealed that the well-known doctor had poisoned his children with narcotics before attempting suicide, Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri said on Sunday. After used needles and a variety of substances were discovered in the room where the minors' bodies were discovered, police suspect he may know what happened behind the barred door.


"A sharpened knife was found in the girl's chamber, indicating that if they hadn't died from the pills, their murderer would have most likely killed them with the knife," Kiraguri added. The bodies of the two Greensteads International Schools students had no physical injuries, according to the police. Dr. Gakara's sister encouraged the police to approach the inquiry into the deaths with an open mind yesterday, claiming that they felt someone was behind the murders. "Someone is attempting to implicate him with the murders. We want the investigations to be completed as quickly as possible, and everything should be done correctly, "she stated.

She also questioned why the remains of the two youngsters were removed so quickly after the first responders raised the alarm, claiming that no family members were consulted before the bodies were evacuated. "The police said my brother confessed to killing his children, although some witnesses indicated he was unconscious when he was picked up and sent to hospital," Ms Gakara, a nurse at Nakuru Level Five Hospital, said.

Ms. Gakara stated that she had been in communication with her brother on a regular basis and that he had never complained about any difficulties. Yesterday, neighbors, friends, and clients were still stunned, with many voicing worries about the circumstances surrounding the deaths. 


According to a close friend of the doctor's, he was often hanging out with his wife, and the two families had spent Friday together.

"We had supper together the day before, and he showed no signs of being bothered. In reality, we had been discussing expanding our businesses, so this narrative about his attempting suicide makes no sense," the doctor explained. The bodies of Dr. Gakara's children were delivered from the Nakuru City Morgue to the PNN Funeral Home on Monday, while the doctor remained unconscious at the Nakuru Level 5 hospital's Intensive Care Unit as of press time.


His wife, a nurse, was in Nairobi at the time of the incident and was brought to the hospital for shock, but she was released on Monday. Stephen Ambani, the head of the Nakuru West Sub-County Directorate of Criminal Investigations, said police would launch an inquiry but would give the family time to grieve. He claimed that samples recovered from the children's bodies were sent to the Government Chemist for toxicological testing, and that the police were awaiting the results.

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