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I Regret Refusing To Sleep With A Truck Driver Inorder To Take Me Home I Was Attacked By A Hyena

Irene from Machakos county regrets refusing to sleep with a truck driver who had offered to take her home. He threw her out of the truck at night where she was attacked by a hyena that left her hand and her eye damaged.

After completing her secondary education, one of her friends advised her to move to Nairobi claiming she had secured a job in a library. She took two days before she traveled since she didn't have bus fare.

When she arrived she found out that they employed another person on her behalf. She didn't have bus fare to go back home. she went on a highway where she stopped the trucks that were heading to Mombasa to give her a lift.

When she entered two men told her that she was beautiful and they would take her to Mombasa and in Inorder to take her home she had to sleep with them.When she refused the driver stopped the lorry and threw her out.

It was already dark when she was crossing the road to find the help she was attacked by a hyena. Luckily a driver saw her and called the police who were not far from where she was. They scared the animal with the car sirens.

She was taken to the hospital. of her hand was cut because it was completely damaged. One of her eyes and the chick was completely damaged and uses one eye. She regrets refusing to sleep with the driver because she could not have faced all that.

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