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Detail Emerges Showing Signs of Life For Those Trapped Inside a Gold Mine in Bondo

The rescue mission for those trapped inside the gold mine in Bondo which trapped some miners is currently ongoing. Yesterday, two of them were rescued from the mine where one recounted how he warned his boss and fellow workers about the impending dangers inside the mine.[Photo Courtesy]

Further information has revealed how the exercise is currently ongoing where the rescuer are determined to rescue the remaining four trapped inside the mine.

According to reports by, three out of four have shown signs of life inside the mine. They are talking with the rescuers through pipes but they have complained alot about the hardship they are currently facing inside the mine.

There is no enough oxygen for them which can easily make them to suffocate. They have also lamented how the temperatures are very high inside the mine hence putting their lives at risk.

The pumped oxygen they are receiving through pipes has proved to be very important to them. The rescue mission is currently ongoing but the excavators have abandoned the rescue mission. They have termed the soil as very risky and therefore they can not operate in such conditions.

Residents have therefore joined hands to start the rescue mission by themselves. They are determined to retrieve their fellow friends from the mine. The family members of those who are still inside the mine have settled at the scene of accident with hopes that their loved ones will be retrieved.

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