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Likoni residents are still complaining about the likoni bridge

Say it all.


For years now, the residents from Likoni have been using ferries to cross the ocean. They use the ferry when they go to work, School, Shopping and many other days to day activities. Although this has been a minor challenge, it's years now things get accepted and everyone got used to it until the liwatoni bridge.

The building of the new bridge has made things a lot difficult. The bridge is 840 meters long and takes 20 minutes to walk to cross. The old men and women, mothers, teenagers face a lot of challenges waking up so early in the morning walking from their homes then cross the bridge which is almost one hour thirty minutes walk from home to work.

It's so sad getting that tired very early in the morning even before the work gets started, the same scenario happens when they also get back from work.

We have old women selling fish and another foodstuff every early in the morning and late in the evening outside the ferry. Most of their customers were the people crossing the ferry but due to change of operational working hours of the ferry, they had to relocate near the bridge to sell their foodstuff until 8 pm then go back to the ferry to resell their goods as the operational working hour of the ferry would have resumed.

This new bridge had forced people to relocate and live near the bridge to ease their work and save time, The same bridge had started corruption by making people bribe to cross every early morning or late evening using the ferry. This has to stop!!!

This goes to the government, Kindly make the use of bridge optional, People are really suffering and so tired, Government Help!Help!Help!

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