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Zora: Zalena Faints on Receiving sad News About her Husband

Mr. Oliver Chibale is one of the lead characters in the play. He disappeared from the family and couldn't be traced even after the detective came in to investigate his disappearance. Moreover, Kwame received a phone from an unknown person telling him that the body of his dad had been found at the construction site.

However, the whole family is gathered in the living room when Kwame received the sad news. He got confused after the call and could not explain the exact information from the person who called the family through him. His behavior after the call indicated that all was not well for Oliver who had gone missing for several days.

Zalena faints even before Kwame completes his conversation with the person who called him. It was the foreman working in his father's construction site. They had found the body of Oliver wrapped in a bag and placed it in the basement of the building. It is Mutiso is one of the workers at the construction site who noticed a strange thing wrapped in a polythene bag and suspected it to be a corpse. Upon checking, it was Oliver's body rotting there.

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