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Please Stop Eating Eggs With Any Of These 7 Foods, It Is Very Harmful

Eggs are diary products laid by different species of female animals such as amphibians, a few mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish, And many of these eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years now.

Eggs are very beneficial and good for humans as they contain high quality of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, calcium and a lot of essential minerals. Eggs are known to be a low carbohydrate food. Infact, They are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, They are made up of a little bit of almost every nutrient your body needs.

Notwithstanding the health benefits that are contained in eggs, They can still be harmful to your body if any food is combined with it improperly. According to Ayurveda which is indian alternative medicine system, Some of these improper food combinations can later cause digestive tract problems, Which can lead to nausea, bowel diseases and fatigue. Equally, It can lead to bloating which is a build up of gas in the stomach and intestines.

Eggs are used to make a lot of foods and people consume it in different forms. Some individuals will like to eat egg alone while some eat it with yam, vegetables, meat and indomie. So, I will be discussing with you some foods you must not combine with egg.

1. Eating eggs with soya milk

When you consume eggs with soya milk it can prevent the absorption of protein in your body system.

2. Consuming eggs with fish

This combination is a very bad combination as the Avidin nutrients contained in eggs can fight out the vitamins contained in the fish.

3. Eating eggs with bacon

Eating eggs and bacon together can make you lethargic which means you will become sluggish and apathetic, This is because of the high protein content and fat content in them.

4. Combination of eggs with garri

A lot of people can eat boiled or fried eggs with garri. This combination is really unhealthy and it can make you sick.

5. Eating eggs with sugar

Eating eggs with sugar causes the amino acid released from the egg and sugar to become toxic for your body system and can make clots in your blood.

6. Combination of eggs with banana

This combination highly dangerous to eat eggs with banana. This food combination must be avoided so that you do not fall sick.

7. Combination of eggs with rabbit meat

Although eggs really are enjoyed with most types of meat, But it has been stated that if eggs are eaten with rabbit meat, It can lead to diarrhea which is loose or watery stool that occur more frequently than usual.

I hope that you have learnt something from this article. Please make sure you observe them in order to prevent constipation, nausea and indigestion. Stay Safe.

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