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The Only Country In The World With No Environmental Polution

The beautiful country is well known as Bhutan.It is a Buddhist kingdom located on the Eastern side of Himayas mountains in South Asia.It is also a landlocked country that boarders China and India and has a close proximity to Nepal and Bangladesh nation's.It covers an area of 38,394square kilometers of land with a population of 759,000 people.Its capital city is situated at Thimphu and it is Lee by a mornach called Jigmek Khesar Namgyel.Bhutan is a beautiful country with great and adventurous landscapes of plains,steep mountains and valleys.

The country is the only country in the that doesn't experience any form of environmental pollution as it records negative greenhouse carbon emissions.The main aim of the management of the country is to maintain Gross National Happiness which makes all who live there to do more extra efforts to conserve the environment at all costs.70% of land in the country is covered by trees which makes it absorb more carbon dioxide than what it produces in factories and other things.

This makes it unique compared to other countries which absorb more carbon dioxide that they produce.This has made the country to grow economically and it even produces clean renewable energy in form of hydroelectric power of which it exports to other countries.Free electricity is also provided to rural farmers.

The move to conserve forests and environment has minimized climate change,health risks,occurrence of landslides and flash floods.It has also helped alleviating poverty and encouraged self sufficiency.There is low industrial pollution which makes the country to collect 6.3million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year which has improved agriculture band tourism.Use of tobacco was also banned in the country hence fresh clean air is what you will breathe in.

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Bhutan.It Buddhist Thimphu


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