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Truths why our modern generation is sad and depressed

1We want everything as perfect as seen in Instagram because we are more in comparison than self growth. We do not want to adjust or sacrifice anything.

2 We are a generation focused more on negativity than positivity. We work according to society, have fear in our minds and overthink everything.

3 We want everyone to be good with us but we don't want to be good with everyone. This is because of our ego, jealousy , insecurity and holding on the toxic things and people.

4 We are a generation of doing everything online and we are forgetting the offline world. We want everything to be exclusive and done on the tip of our hands. This makes us forget to enjoy and focus on the little things around us.

5 We want to achieve everything instantly and at our own comfort. We worry more about unnecessary stuff and do not focus on our priority goals.

6 We have instant comparisons in our heads that gives us inner complains and makes us dissatisfied for the things we do not have. We do not focus on what we already have.

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