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Neglected water reservoirs/dams in Bungoma county which are claiming lives as leaders watch.

Neglected water reservoirs/dams in Bungoma county which are claiming lives due to ignorance from local leaders.

The government made more efforts to sustain its citizens from different regions experiencing effects of floods through the ministry of water and irrigation and that of devolution, several water reservoirs were established in the country in different countys to control the floods. The good intentions of the water reservoirs were to control flooding but despite the effectiveness of their purpose it has turn out to cause more harm due to their neglection.

Several dams since their establishment have caused damages to many lives. This is because the government did not fence the areas or put restrictions.

The areas were left free for grazing, playgrounds, fishing and even some of the parts covered with crops planted by locals.

When locals take advantage of this they forget the risks and that they have claimed several lives.

According to one of the residents near Muyayi dam, Mzee Wanyonyi Bufu " The dam claims at least one life yearly including students from anearby college (Kisiwa TTI,). We plead to the government to do the fencing of the area to restrict doing fishing and swimming there."

Below are the pictures of the dams;

Muyayi dam.

Makemo dam

Mayanja Kibuke dam

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Bungoma Muyayi Mzee Wanyonyi Bufu


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