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23-Year-Old Reduced To Premium Tears After Loosing Ksh5,500 To 'Pata Potea' Fraudsters Over Ksh200

The love for easy money landed a 23-year-old lady called Elizabeth Mwikali in trouble. It's an incident that happened around Muthurwa in Nairobi when she fell in the hands of con men unknowingly. According to her testimony, she said that she was walking on tbe streets when she encountered the professional thieves.

The dropped a pen and asked her to pick it. They gave her Ksh200 and told her they were giving out free money to people because it is a back to school season. The deal became too good as Mwikali thanked them. She was surprised when she was turning to leave when they grabbed her bag which was carrying Ksh5,500.

The best Mwikali would do is screaming on tbe street saying that they has stolen from her. Surprisingly, people just stared at her as she screamed because because they feared same thing would happen to them. She was escorted to police station where she explained that the money was for her child's school fees.

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Muthurwa Mwikali


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