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Autopsy Report : LGBTQ Activist Edwin Chiloba's Mouth Was Stuffed Leading To Suffocation

A post-morterm of gay rights activist Edwin which was carried out at the Moi Teaching and Referral hospital mortuary,shows that he died due to suffocation that was caused by stuffing 3 pairs of socks into his mouth and nose.According to the government chief pathologist ,Johansen Oduor, the sock and a piece of cloth were stuffed into his mouth hence blocking entry of air

"He was suffocated after his mouth was blocked with socks, he could not breathe," said Oduor.The pathologist also clarified that the deceased's eyes were not gouged out, explaining that the body was decomposing.

In response to claims of Edwin Chiloba's gorged eyes, Oduor clarified that, "normally when a body decomposes you would think the eyes are removed but they are intact. His eyers were not plucked out,"

Speaking to the media at Moi hospital ,Oduor said Chiloba died of Asphyxia ,a condition where there is insufficient supply of oxygen ,he further said that there was discoloration of fingers indicating lack of oxygen.

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