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Susan narrated How Her Boss Locked The Kitchen For Her To Starve. She Worked For Only 21 Days

Susan Macharia a mother of one worked in Saudi Arabia for more than one year and later came back to Kenya. Through the money she had saved, Susan was able to buy a piece of land and also started a butchery business. The business had many challenges whereby Susan decided to close it.

Months later the business broke down and Susan decided to try her luck in Qatar and Bahrain. One of her Saudi Arabian friends referred her to a good family in Qatar whereby Susan's job was to teach the little children how to speak English. Her boss owned a school where she used to teach many little children.

This time Susan never used an agent to travel to Qatar, she went directly on her own where her employer paid for all the necessities. According to Susan, the job was so challenging that the little children were stubborn, and she was not supposed to shout at them or even discipline them.

Susan stated that she could wake up very early prepare her employer's children and then leave for the job. In the evening after school, Susan could also take care of the three children and this made her sleep late at night.

Days later Susan decided to quit her job. After confronting her boss's wife she told her to persevere and within a short time, she could love the job. Susan refused to work and her employer told her that she could not eat anything or even drink clean water. The employer's wife, closed the kitchen so that Susan could not access anything in the kitchen.

The following day her boss paid for the ticket and Susan came back to Kenya. Unfortunately, her boss booked a flight where the destination was in Mombasa not in Nairobi. And because Susan had worked for 21 days her employer never paid her salary.

Luckily a taxi driver in Mombasa saw Susan crying while at the airport and helped her out. The taxi driver connected Susan to a certain lady who worked in the airport and so Susan was given food and somewhere to sleep. The following day the taxi driver gave her money and paid for her bus fare from Mombasa to Nairobi.

Her family members were glad to see her back even though Susan was not happy about her situation. Susan later secured a job in Nairobi where she worked in a certain clinic for two years. Unfortunately, the business broke down and her boss fired her. Her only option was to secure a job in Bahrain where she decided to try her luck.

Her agent processed her documents and Susan traveled to Bahrain where worked as a house help. She worked in a family of six where the boss was a retired teacher and the children were grown-ups. Fortunately, the family knew how to speak English and so Susan had no problem communicating.

Months later her boss advised her to write an objection letter so that she could be able to work in different offices in Bahrain and also have her freedom. Her boss told her that she could make a lot of money as compared to the house help job.

To release her, her boss told her that she had to find a Kenyan who could replace her in the house help job. Susan found a lady from Mombasa where Susan paid for her flight ticket and her boss paid for the other required documents.

Later on, Susan was hosted by a Kenyan Lady and she even secured a job in a certain company that dealt with employing Kenyans. Her main job was to connect Kenyan agents and Bahrain agents to find jobs for the people who needed jobs. She also helped in getting housemaids jobs in Bahrain whereby she could connect them to their bosses.

Unfortunately, in 2020 Corona pandemic hit the world and so many people closed their businesses. Susan stayed indoors for more than two months and she even hosted other Kenyans who had no place to stay. Later on, the Kenyan government deported all the Kenyans who were stuck in the Gulf Countries and Susan came back home safe and sound.

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